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About Louis Debenham

I’m a photojournalist with many years experience shooting for the best magazines in this country (Marie Claire, FHM, The Sunday Times, Saturday Telegraph magazine etc.). The skills I have picked up are perfectly suited to capturing the events on your wedding day.

I consider that to be invited to cover such an important event as your wedding day is a privilege, which I take very seriously. My aim is to tell the story of your day as it unfolds; capturing the beauty and specialness of the occasion with minimum intervention whilst allowing everyone to enjoy them selves. This means I won't be taking over or spending ages setting up fake shots; I will be concentrating on capturing real, emotional and unforgettable moments in a beautiful way. These pictures will last your lifetime and should be good enough to be enjoyed each time you view them.

There are plenty of photographers who claim to be wedding photojournalist in London but the skills needed to capture all the important elements without setting things up are not so easily won. My site shows a selection of recent weddings (edited) in their entirety so you can be confident of the style and photographer you are choosing for your wedding. I think I compare well with the best photographers in this genre but I suspect you will be pleasantly surprised with my prices. It’s particularly important you do your research and get the right photographer for you as your pictures will be your lasting record of the event long after the champagne has gone, so please feel free to call and arrange a meeting to talk through the possibilities. I do capture events of same sex wedding photography at reasonable costs. The finished album should be a collaboration of client and photographer.


I have the printing and retouching skills to get the best out of the pictures and as part of your package, I include a retouched, set of pictures be that colour, or black and white. I work closely with a designer and at the end of the event you will have a set of the best pictures produced into a contemporary book or a fantastic looking album.

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Please call to discuss your needs or to arrange a consultation:

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e-mail Louis at: info@louisdebenham.com